Authenticate with BackBlaze B2 and get file URLs using Python

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Authenticate with BackBlaze B2 and get the URLs of files in a bucket.

First to authenticate with BackBlaze B2:

import requests
from requests.auth import HTTPBasicAuth

#Auth information from Backblaze
key_id = 'key_id'
application_key = 'application_key'

path = ''
result = requests.get(path, auth=HTTPBasicAuth(key_id, application_key))
if result.status_code != 200:
    print 'Error - Could not connect to BackBlaze B2'

#Read response
result_json = result.json()
account_id = result_json['accountId']
auth_token = result_json['authorizationToken']
api_url    = result_json['apiUrl'] + '/b2api/v1'
download_url = result_json['downloadUrl'] + '/file/'
api_session = requests.Session()
api_session.headers.update({ 'Authorization': auth_token })

Now get bucket contents and assemble URL. Sample code for bucket ID and bucket name is here.

bucketId = 'bucket_id_from_b2'
bucketName = 'name_of_bucket'

params = {'bucketId': bucketId}
urls = set()

#Loop for as long as a nextFile exists
while True:
    #Construct api call, execute, and read back information
    url = api_url + '/' + 'b2_list_file_names'
    fileList =, json=params)
    jFileList = fileList.json()

    #Loop through files and construct url
    for file in jFileList['files']:
        urls.add(download_url + bucketName + '/' + file['filename'])

    #Check for next file and break if it doesn't exist
    startFileName = jFileList['nextFileName']
    if startFileName == None:
        #continue If next file exists
        params['startFileName'] = startFileName

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December 23, 2019 at 7:17 pm

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