Installing Debian on the Beaglebone Black Rev B

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I wanted to flash my BeagleBone Black Rev B to Debian so I could try installing a wi-fi dongle.  The Rev C is the latest version of the BeagleBone Black and I couldn’t find out if the Debian on the BeagleBone website supported the Rev B.  I decided to just try it out.

So for those that are wondering, yes Debian version 2014-05-14 works on the BeagleBone Black Rev C.  The instructions on their getting started page work.

And once you have Debian, the WiFi dongle setup instructions here on Adafruit (pdf) will work to set up your dongle.

Installing Debian on BeagleBone Black Rev B

Written by M Kapoor

January 5, 2015 at 1:16 am

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