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Automate build and load of Hugo sites to Amazon S3 using Rclone with Python

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This was the build and load flow for my Hugo site before I gave up on Hugo and moved back to WordPress. The site was generated using Hugo and pushed to Amazon s3 using rclone.

The code assumes the hugo and rclone executables, and the hugo root directory are in the same folder.

In this example the hugo directory is called

import os, shutil

# s3 auth info
s3SecretAccessKey = 's3_secret_key'
s3AccessKeyId = 's3_access_key'

# Hugo folder and bucket name.  sitepath is path to the hugo public folder.
path = ''
sitepath = os.path.join(path, 'public')

#Remove the files from the previous build by deleting the public folder
if os.path.exists(sitepath):

# Run hugo from root directory
cmd = 'hugo.exe -s ' + path

# Run rclone from root directory to sync /public to s3 and the appropriate args to encrypt the files and enable public read
cmd = 'rclone.exe sync ' + sitepath + ' s3:' + path
cmd += ' -v --s3-secret-access-key ' + s3SecretAccessKey
cmd += ' --s3-access-key-id ' + s3AccessKeyId
cmd += ' --s3-acl public-read'
cmd += ' --s3-server-side-encryption AES256'
cmd += ' --s3-provider AWS'
cmd += ' --s3-region us-west-2'


Written by M Kapoor

December 24, 2019 at 3:26 am

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